Triforest Inc.

Triforest Flooring Canada Inc. is specializing in distributing  high quality laminate flooring and related products. Our Laminate floors are all using ShengLang’s super high density HDF fiberboards with AC3 / AC4 rating and WAX Sealed on the lock and joint. We put multiple  coats of varnish, 1 coats of Oxide Aluminum, in addition, the final wear layer of our laminates flooring are using Sheng Lang’s award winning Highlight Wearable Melamine Impregnated Paper® which will ensure an outstanding abrasion resistance finish. To ensure continuing supplying high quality products, we completely implemented ISO9001 Quality Control System, and ISO 14001 Environmental Quality System.

Triforest Flooring Canada Inc. is a wholesale only distribution center, we supply our products to licensed flooring stores only and we are not open to the public or contractors. If you are interested in our products,  please contact your regional sales manager to inquire our product catalog and details.